“Who am I and why am I here?”

“Who am I and why am I here”  That is what I read.  These are very good questions.  I will interpret these as two questions:  Who am I?  Why am I here?

I will start with the last question first.  I am here, because I am an aspiring travel writer figuring out the digital blogging environment. I’ve done some smaller work in writing which are published in other languages (original content), and even other countries.

As cool as that sounds, all of that work both in writing, or photography, was in print.  Most of my work is pre-internet (yes I’m an old man).   The  student newspaper which published some of my works (from last century) doesn’t house hard-copies anymore.   As I am a proficient writer (I’ve been told) I need to really navigate the tech world.  Word-press seems to want to help an old man–Thank you WP.

By the way, I’m Terrence Young.  I’m an elementary  English as a Second Language (ESL) school teacher.  My family and I do some domestic travel.  We take photos, and write brief summaries of what we’ve seen.  I challenge myself to explore a little deeper into what I’ve learned on my journey and to share what I know with others.

My first international traveling experience happened after college, and before I got married.  I served in US Peace Corps from 1994-1996.  There I served as a public health educator in southwest Nicaragua.  I worked with 45 volunteer health promoters and facilitated the learning of the importance of preventative health practices so that they could, in turn, train the residents of their communities preventative health practices.

Preventative practices aside, my wife is from my country of service.  We have two lovely teenaged children who warm our hearts everyday.  As technology helps them document their experiences in ways which didn’t exist when I was their ages;  I feel that I need to catch-up, and learn more.

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