Hideout, or hide-in

The word hideout reminds me of times when my friends and I would hangout in certain areas in town. We would hang out out-of-site kind of like the Little Rascals do. I learned a lot from television about hideouts. Television taught me that the bad guys met up in a hideout.Random House Dictionary defines hideout as “a safe place for hiding especially from the law.” So my initial feeling was right. “Hideouts were for bad guys”.
  Years later, good guys had hideouts, too. The more powerful good guys had lairs. What I realized was many hideouts, headquarters and lairs were indoors. Should we name those “hide-ins”?I’ve read about some hideouts and their occupants. You can decide for yourself if it is a hide-in or hideout.

Spawn hid in an alley. Spawn took the out part of hideout literally. The Legion of Heroes, like the Little Rascals before them, used a clubhouse for their hideout. 
Dr. Strange had a fortress called the Sanctum Sanctorum. Lately, I figured that the Sanctum Sanctorum would wear a sweater vest and lose presidential primary campaigns.  

 Sweater vests analogies aside, the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (SHIELD) travels in a vanishing hover carrier. Serving as both friend and sometimes agitator to SHIELD, the Avengers occupied Stark Tower as a hideout, although most folks knew where the Avengers were located. Bringing real life circumstances to a comic book world, the Fantastic Four was once evicted from the Baxter Building in New York City.  The X-Men used an actually facility for education as their cover. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in New York housed the X-men.  

In the D.C. Universe, the original Teen Titans occupied a building with poor design. The unbalanced design, shaped like a T, served as the Teen Titans hideout. The Super friends used the Hall of Justice. I’ve read that the Hall of Justice design is loosely based on Cincinnati’s Union Terminal. Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, and the Bat Cave are the envy of every man looking to copy design ideas for a man cave from either Superman or Batman. The Bat Cave is a Hide-in, Superman’s FOS, is a hideout which no mortal can reach anyway. These hideouts always interested me. 

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