Who knew that seeds on the outside would have so much flavor.  Truth is, I’ve known this for a very long time.  Barry Williams (T.V.’s Greg Brady) once reported that Robert Reed (TVs Mike Brady) had a very heated discussion with Lloyd Schwartz (head writer for the Brady Bunch Series) on the scent of strawberries.

The line was written as Mike’s character was to make a comment to Alice (maid played by Ann B. Davis) saying that how the strawberries smelled so good.  According to Williams, Reed retorted that strawberries had no scent.  Reed stood his ground, proved his point and the line was removed from the script.  Reed proved his serious acting chops, opting for the truth instead the cheap laugh.

Truth is I didn’t realize that strawberries didn’t have a scent until I saw Williams perform live at my Alma Mater (Winona State University) in September of 1994.  I had already graduated and came back for a short visit to see my friends before I left for my service.

Services aside, I, as a hobby vegetable farmer (who dabbles in berries sometimes), can appreciate this information.   The nutritional value of the seeds alone is a fascinating study.  Remember the strawberry is the only fruit which  has its seed on on the outside of the fruit.  This  exo-semilla (Semilla pronounced seh-meeyah) “Semilla” is Spanish for seed.  It is reported to cover many parts of the skin.  Some counts report that as many as 200 seeds cover a large strawberry.

More interesting than the size and seed count is that the seeds themselves are another fruit. At the risk of sounding like Spock–“This is only logical”.

According to the website seattleorganicrestaurants.com, “The seeds are themselves fruits. They are all good for you, the skin and the seeds. The aggregate of seeds of the fruit is derived from an aggregate of ovaries, and the fleshy part develops from the receptacle. Each ‘seed’ on the outside of the strawberry fruit is actually one of the ovaries of the flower, with a strawberry seed inside it. Both skin and seed have lots of fiber, lots of vitamin C and taste delicious. The green caps of strawberries are not recommended although some people think that it is the essential part of strawberries. Well, it isn’t. They are just the green parts of strawberries and no real study has shown that it has any worthwhile nutrients.”

Although strawberries might not have a scent, when eating them you are getting a great dose of vitamin C.  When counting the seeds you are getting a double dose of Vitamin C.  It’s like you are eating a fruit in a fruit.  So enjoy the Exo-semilla.

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