Passenger on the right (depending where you drive).

Learning to drive in the United States many years ago, I learned to operate and drive the car on the left side of the car. The passenger is always seated on the right. Furthermore, I learned to drive automatic.  Later in my adult life I learned to drive a ‘stick-shift’.  I’m still not very good at that.  In reference to poor mechanical skills, they say, “If you can’t find ’em, grind ’em.” Unfortunately my skills still slightly favor “Grind ’em”.  I’m getting better.

The occupants of an automobile who will not “grind ’em” would be the passengers. The website defines the passenger as:   a person or being who is traveling in an automobile, bus, train, airplane, or other conveyance, especially one who is not the driver, pilot or the like.

When mentioning passengers in the context of music,  a few music titles in using the word “passenger” come to mind, but one song is clearly sung from the passenger’s perspective — “Drive My Car” by the Beatles from the Rubber Soul Album 1965.

The Rubber Soul album demonstrated a new direction of musical exploration for the Beatles in that era.  The use of the sitar took  lead in “Norwegian Wood”, and its sparing yet, proper use in “In My Life” had a lovable harpsichord effect.

Obscure, yet wonderful harpsichord sounds aside, “Drive My Car” along with “Think For Yourself”, “The Word”, and “I’m Looking Through You” among others expresses the Beatles’ long-time appreciation for R&B.

Along with R&B expressions, Folk-Rock  expresses its stylings in other songs on the album as well.  “Nowhere Man” is a character portrait only matched by the character portraits mentioned in Eleanor Rigby featured on the “Revolver” Album in 1966.

The only other musical character portrait in popular music in the last 30 years, slightly akin to “Nowhere Man”, was Arrested Development’s “Mr. Wendal” featured on the album entitled, “3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life of…Arrested Development.” in 1992.

The artists’ appreciation, as well as the listeners’ appreciation can can be visited, re-visited, and tweaked by listening to the the Rubber Soul Album which songs never seem to get old.  You’ll have to share this journey in the passenger seat of whatever vehicle you’re occupying.  Whether you’re riding on the left side or the right side of the car, I can only hope you enjoy the ride in the passenger’s seat.       via Daily Prompt: Passenger

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