Selva Negra, Coffee plantation “Enjoy and Listen to the Voice of Nature”.

Tourism in the Central American country of Nicaragua has a beautiful site for all tourists to explore. Selva Negra, a coffee plantation coupled with a hotel, and a restaurant proves good for many activities for tourists to enjoy.  The main lodge is a rustic eco-lodge with  charming German design. Each bungalow has a very attractive mountain decor.  Each Chalet can hold 6 to 12 members in your group. Be advised that Wi-fi is available in the lodge only.  You will have to unplug in your room, but for a few hours, you might want to unplug and “Escuche la voz de la naturaleza”.  Listen to the voice of nature, anyway.

All bungalows, or hostels face the Lodge and restaurant.  The Selva Negra restaurant has many options of traditional Nicaraguan dishes, and many dishes from the exterior.  80% of the food in the restaurant is grown on the farm.  This farm-to-table menu is organic, and very, very tasty.

Delicious food items aside, some of the best tasting coffee in the world is produced right on the plantation in Selva Negra.  The Famly-owned and operated coffee plantation dates back five generations.  This coffee is grown with organic methods and is fairly-traded.  Much of the coffee is available for consumption at the restaurant, or available for purchase to return to your home to enjoy there.

While visiting Selva Negra, walking tours are available.  On this tour you can follow the trails guided, or unguided.     You will have the opportunities to see many of the wildlife ‘residing’ at Selva Negra.  You could see tropical birds, lizards, agoutis, and you might even hear Howler Monkeys.   On this tour you will see examples of coffee plants, banana and plantain trees among other vegetation growing in the area.

The views themselves are extraordinary.  The small lake at the base near the restaurant helps to frame the view of the lush cloud forest just above the tall trees measured at 1500 meters (1640 yards) high.

Over all if you are looking for a rustic (yet comfortable) experience in the mountains of Nicaragua with hostel, or bungalow sleeping quarters option, and an opportunity to see a farm, and coffee production in action while having the experience to walk among nature in a forest,  along with an eco lodge, and delicious farm fresh food, I highly recommend Selva Negra to you, and your group. Disfrute la voz de la naturaleza.  Enjoy and listen to the the voice of nature.



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